“Our first date was perfect, and then she died”

Our first date was perfect, and then she died

“When can I see you again?” This was what I liked about Beth. Most people were too busy protecting themselves to be direct. Beth made unflinching eye contact when she spoke to you. I envied the congruence she conveyed between her internal and external worlds.

Wonderful writing from David here. And yet another reminder we should not take the relationships in our lives for granted. They are fragile. And should be appreciated and lived to the fullest.


She’s Scared

Caroline is playing “up” in the afternoon game. Older girls. 11v11 instead of 8v8. Much bigger field. She’s scared. And doubting herself. And I can’t do anything about it from the sidelines.

I hate that.

(McDonald’s) Design Matters

Little things bother me. Extremely little things. Things that nobody in the world would probably think about but me. And yet, here they are. Hiding in plain sight from everyone.

Look at this picture: 

 Seems fairly normal, doesn’t it? It is. In fact, it’s the McDonald’s right across the street from the QT I stop at for gas in the morning on the way to work. One low sign. One high in the sky.

But look closer at the lower (street-level) sign: 

 Do you see it?


I know why it is the way it is. It was a throwback to when they hadn’t served over 99 billion. And while we’re on the subject, 99 billion of what? Hamburgers? Fries? Milkshakes? What?!

Never mind for now. Not the point of this. Why would you intentionally leave the sign like it is? It’s not even. It’s not symmetrical (based on the number 99). It’s just not…right.

Contrast that with the higher sign: 

 Makes a lot more sense, design-wise. The spacing is correct. Centered. And it doesn’t limit them to a specific number ever again. It was always be at least billion served. Perfectly planned for.

Come on McD’s. Fix the lower sign. It drives me nuts every time I look at it.

Oh, and P.S., we still need clarification on what exactly has been served billions and billions of times.