One of these is not like the others

I love this picture on so many levels:



Why does 7 not equal 8?

Tonight, Brian asked for pigs in the blanket for dinner. So, on my way home, I stopped to get some wieners and crescent rolls from the grocery store.

Pilsbury crescent rolls? Check!
Hebrew National beef franks? Check!

Awesome! On my way!

As I’m walking down the aisle to get back to the front of the store, I look down and see the back of the Hebrew National packaging. Something peculiar strikes me. There are only 7 franks in the package. I look at the package of crescent rolls. 8. Hebrew National package again. 7. Looking at the hot dog buns on the next aisle over, they are in packages of 8.

Am I missing something?

Why would you make a package of hot dogs to always have 1 short of whatever bun/roll you pair with the dog? I don’t understand.

Time to consult the Google.

Turns out…”In Hebrew numerology the number 7 represents completion and wholeness. In fact 7 is most often chosen by God for self-representation.”

Well, there you go. I didn’t know that. The serious OCD in me cringes with the notion of having 1 extra bun/roll in a “set”. When there are 8 buns or rolls, there should be 8 dogs, right? Right?!