Performed by: Lifehouse
Written by: Jason Wade

It’s no secret that music means a great deal to me. It’s soothing when nothing else will soothe me. On the flip slide, it can also tear at me like nothing else can. When I come across “new” music, I usually grab hold of it and just let it wash over me by playing it again and again and again. The band Lifehouse is particularly special to me. They encompass almost the entirety of my relationship with Jayme. One of their earliest songs “Everything” is our wedding song. (Granted, a very long wedding song.)

So when I came across this song while listening to a varied mix of Lifehouse, I realized it was new to me. It was on an album from several years ago that I will admit I hadn’t listed to a lot. But I was in a particularly Lifehouse kind of mood, and I let them all play. The song that caught my ear was called “Flight”.

It is a gorgeous song. A heart-wrenching song. One that is filled with so much emotion. And what I love about it is that you can hear it in the way Jason (Wade) sings it. The music swells. It builds. The feeling is building to something. Building to a resolution. Building to freedom.

These lyrics just slay me:

No more running, no more hiding
No more hurting, no more crying
No more trouble, no more sighing
No more falling, no more striving
No more heartache, no more fighting
No more fears, only flying

Listen to Jason sing them. If that doesn’t engender resolve and purpose in your own soul, I’m not sure what will.

Do yourself a favor, listen in the video below:



I sit here in utter shock and complete despair that it’s come to this…

The sad thing it’s not the first time I’ve seen a forum like this, and I fear it won’t be the last.

I don’t know how to deal with this. It’s one of those situations where I watch this, and the desire to weep and rage at the same time overwhelms me. It’s heartbreaking that there are people who can utterly get lost in the Fox News-ification of life.

As Frank pointed out in the video, they are “absolutely” willing to believe that all 9 of these women are lying because they’ve been paid off. All of them. No thought to giving even one of them the benefit of the doubt.

Like I said, weeping and raging. All at the same time.

I have a 13 year old daughter right now, and I am scared to death at the lack of compassion for the women who are victims of sexual assault. What kind of world are we leading these children into? How can I teach her (hell, convince her) to speak up when it’s being proven day after day to her that people will NOT believe her? That people will blame HER? That people will look at her like she was asking for it? That she should be flattered, and I as a parent should be grateful and proud, that a prominent man is interested in her…while she tries to get through the 8th grade?

Because, after all, clothes were still on. Sickening.

Even other women. That’s what floors me. In the video above, other women flat-out say that it’s the accusers’ fault. (By the way, someone should share with the lady in the video that “I blame both of them” really does mean YOU ARE BLAMING HER.)

Apparently, being a sexual predator is perfectly fine as long as you (purportedly) stand for good Christian, Conservative values.

Whatever the fuck that means anymore.


RIP Stuart Scott

If you hadn’t heard by now, Stuart Scott, 49, passed away this morning after a long battle with cancer. If you know who Stuart Scott is, you already know everything I’m about to say. If you do not, you have missed seeing a joyous, beautiful soul in action.

This morning, ESPN had some very moving tributes to Stuart. Second only to Jim Valvano’s original speech in 1993, Stuart reminds us at the 2014 ESPYS acceptance speech for the Jimmy V Award for Perseverance that life is precious and up to us to make the most of it. In his words, “you beat cancer by how you LIVE, why you live, and in the manner in which you live.”

Tears were falling in my coffee this morning as I watched them. I can’t believe they won’t be flowing from your eyes when you watch them as well.

Stuart Scott’s Legacy
2014 ESPY Speech
Rich Eisen Says Goodbye


Robin Roberts, a very good friend of Stuart’s and a fellow cancer fighter, shared her thoughts on FB this evening:

As we were about to board our long flight home Amber checked her phone one last time. She pulled us out of the line and all she had to say to me was…Stu. The news we were dreading and not at all prepared to hear. Stuart Scott has died.

This picture was taken shortly after Stu was presented the Jimmy V Award for Perseverance at last year’s ESPYS. He gave a speech that still had me in tears as we chatted backstage. Tears of admiration and profound gratitude. Grateful that this beautiful, strong man was a dear friend. Grateful that he had the strength that night to deliver such a powerful, meaningful message. Admiration for how he valiantly faced cancer..again and again.

As I stared out the window on the flight home tears again streamed down my face. By the time we landed so many had posted wonderful tributes to Stu. President Obama, LeBron James, Tiger Woods…and our ESPN family. I’m still struggling to find the words to express my feelings. But then I think of Stu’s own words at the ESPYS. He was right. “You beat cancer by how you LIVE, why you live, and in the manner in which you live.”

He closed his speech, with his sweet daughter Sydni by his side on stage, by saying “have a great night and a great rest of your life.” That was Stu, always thinking of others.

Bless you, my friend, for showing us how to live and how to love. Tonight after I say my prayers and thank the good Lord for Stuart Scott…I’m going to climb into bed…and flip my pillow over to the other side. XO

A Blast from the Past

A classic.

From Nathan Rouse’s blog (a good buddy of mine from high school):

The year was 1998. The assignment: a Senior Project for Columbus High School. Meant to encompass 4 years’ worth of Liberal Arts education in one self-motivated endeavor, the Senior Project was viewed as an opportunity for students to learn a skill or trade, meet a former President (or not), or, in my case, make a first film. And it is a first. One day soon I’ll learn how to add a commentary track to this, because if anything deserves it, this does. In the event it’s less than obvious, ‘Shout’ is a direct spoof of late ’90′s era horror franchise ‘Scream’. I think the quality of our little movie here is about as good as those were, except ours excelled in two ways the Hollywood version didn’t: that killer Killer Dance and we had The Boz himself lighting up the screen.

Yours truly plays Ace, the popcorn-popping Shout magnate:

via NathanRouse.com