Why this Houston Astros player has an inspiring mission beyond baseball

Why this Houston Astros player has an inspiring mission beyond baseball

“I totally embrace my stutter — it makes me who I am,” Springer said in a statement when he first took on the role with SAY.

“Some people have blue eyes, some have blonde hair, and some people stutter. I’ve never let it hold me back and with SAY, I want to help kids who stutter build the confidence they need to pursue their own dreams,” he said.

Bravo, Mr. Springer. Bravo.


Stephen’s Universe Edition

I’m not negotiating a common reality with someone who can hear the words “President Trump” and not experience an oxymoron. Who can look at the Flynn situation and say the problem is the media leaked this. I’m done negotiating that common reality. I don’t care if I’m above or below the person I’m not negotiating with anymore. In my estimation, that person is an enemy of the American Republic. I am no longer in dialogue with them.

FINALLY, someone is starting to say this out loud. Some of us have been saying this for months and months. (If you click on the picture above, you can listen to the entire rant. I do encourage you to do so.)

It’s time to stop fucking accepting that all of this is normal. This is not normal. This doesn’t happen with every president. This doesn’t happen with every administration. Stop fucking saying it is. It’s not.

And if you say it is, you are lying. As Stephen addresses in the quote above, I’m done even approaching a common, intellectual conversation with you. Because your reality is a purely fictional one.

It’s that simple.

Article: Our Articles on the Attacks Trump Says the Media Didn’t Cover

Our Articles on the Attacks Trump Says the Media Didn’t Cover
– New York Times

The White House has issued a list of 78 terrorist attacks, saying most were underreported. The Trump administration, under fire for immigration restrictions and other policies it says are designed to curb terrorism, has portrayed the news media and other institutions as playing down the threat.

But the list, which was released on Monday night and details episodes from September 2014 to December 2016, includes dozens of attacks that were covered heavily in the news media, including by The New York Times.

These are obviously alternative facts…

Causes Of Stuttering 2017

Causes Of Stuttering 2017: Speech Disorder May Be Triggered By Reduced Blood Flow In Brain Region Linked To Language, Scientists Find

Nervousness and anxiety can get the best of us when we’re talking on the phone or speaking in front of a crowd. Words start to come out in fragments as we falter, halt, and hesitate to repeat ourselves to sound more clear. This may be triggered by a bad case of the nerves for some of us, but for over 3 million Americans in the United States, stuttering interferes with daily life.

It’s an everyday struggle, even without the nervousness and anxiety…

10 Letters

On the morning of one of the most bitter and divisive Presidential elections in history, it’s nice to be reminded of the good things that surround the Presidency.

I don’t know if all presidents do this or if it was specifically instituted by President Obama, but did you know that he requests 10 letters to read everyday (that he’s in Washington) before bed? (I learned this on the latest episode of 99% Invisible, pictured above.) That’s 10 letters potentially from everyday people telling them about their fears, their joys, their frustrations, and their sadness.

I can’t pinpoint exactly why, but that gives me at least a little hope heading into this historic day.