The fam

The fam

My name is Lee Feagin.

“Hi Lee!”

Sorry, couldn’t resist. Hi, I’m Lee. Nice to meet you. I’m very bad at this sort of stuff in real life, so I’m practicing here with you. Don’t you feel honored? I thought so.

I live in Kennesaw, GA with my wife (Jayme), our two kids (Caroline and Brian), and our recently adopted puppy (Ginny). Growing up in Columbus, GA, we’ve lived in the south all of our life, so I don’t really know any climates others than hot. I attended Auburn University my freshman year of college and then transferred to Georgia Tech for my remaining years once Jayme graduated from Auburn and received a fellowship to Emory University. I think my formal degree is a BS in Computer Science with a specialty in Human-Computer Interaction. What does that qualify me for? Most things that deal with computers, really. Strangely enough, my first job once I graduated was as a research scientist at the Georgia Tech Research Institute developing antenna and radar systems. Sounds stimulating, doesn’t it?! Yeah, not so much.

In 2006, I came to work for a company that pretty much no one knows by name, Romanoff Floor Covering. Told you. Romanoff is the service provider for Home Depot flooring installations in the southeast. What does that actually mean? When you go into a Home Depot store and order a flooring installation (carpet, hardwood, laminate, ceramic tiles, etc), we are the company that actually comes to your house to installs it.

So, Lee, you’re a flooring installer? No. I write software systems that run the company for their day-to-day operations. Not very flashy-sounding, but it’s actually a lot of fun. I work with some very smart people, who constantly challenge each other to deliver the very best systems in the industry. Yay team!

The concept for this blog actually came about because of a late-night brain dump inspired by a recently deceased blogger. I actually chronicled the origin of said brain dump in my first post, entitled “The last post.” (Ironic, huh?) I wrote all of this around midnight one night and posted it to our company’s community blog. Bolstered by the comments from that post, I decided to write some other random thoughts down in a couple of text files. Once I got to a 4 count, I decided to bite the bullet and build this here blog.

And the rest, as they say, is (or will be) history…


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