“Large” Electronic Devices

Recently when traveling, I’ve heard the following from flight attendants: “Please make sure all large electronic devices are stored for landing”. I just heard it about 15 minutes ago when we landed. And I think to myself: why?

Is it because they’re afraid if we have some kind of trouble landing that electronic devices will be flying all over everywhere, hitting people in their faces? Ok, fair enough. But wouldn’t that be true of all electronic devices? Hell, wouldn’t it be true of some non-electronic devices? I know for one, I don’t want the gentleman next to me’s big-ass IPad hitting me in the face.
So, what we’re really saying is laptops, right? Well, unless you are one of those that likes to bring their secondary monitor onboard and hook it up on your neighbor’s tray table. And if you are that person, you need help. Or maybe you’ve transported back to the 80’s and early 90’s and have a boom box next to you, I think I’m at a safe assumption here.

But laptops. Yes, laptops are bigger than your phone. Bigger than tablets. But they aren’t that much heavier anymore. If they don’t even keep up the illusion of checking for cell connectivity anymore, can’t we just abolish this extra sentence/request that’s muttered hundreds if not thousands of times a day?


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