I am of the belief that toughening up kids is the way to go. I have also always believed that it is your absolute right to punch someone back if they punch you first. Or push. Or slap. Or whatever.So it pains me every Saturday when I watch Caroline play soccer and they have to refrain from pushing (really shoving) back when they are pushed (or shoved) first. And I’m not exactly quiet about it on the sidelines either. But it doesn’t help me, and it certainly doesn’t help the situation, to continue to yell. Caroline has even asked me specifically to be quiet on the sidelines.

But afternoons like this, when I see little shits on the other team, pushing and shoving like this is some kind of rugby match, I am appalled. And not quiet. So much so that I’ve had to separate myself from the other parents. Because I just can’t.

They want to hurt my kid. And they don’t seem to care, because that’s what their over-enthusiastic, self-important dipshit coach teaches them to do. And I want to make them hurt. And the coach that teaches this version of “soccer” to them.

This is not soccer. Not the way it was supposed to be played. My opinion.

I told Caroline before halftime was over to push that little ****** back.


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