I’m a Social Drinker

“Hi Lee”, says the group.

No, not that kind of social drinker. I’m talking about coffee here, not alcohol. (Although, I would definitely call myself a very social drinker. I don’t tend to drink much of anything, alcohol-related that is, when I’m by myself. Hmm. Never really thought about that too much, but it’s true.)

When it comes to coffee, I drink a cup as I’m getting the kids up, fed, and ready for school. But after that, it’s more routine than anything else if I have any more. Some days, I fix myself a traveler (I’m really not talking about alcohol. Promise!). But there are other days where I’m essentially done for the day with coffee.

That’s a normal day. But when I’m in a social situation, I can drink a lot more coffee. And I even drink it faster, which I don’t really understand. I was recently at An Event Apart, where they served breakfast. Like most conferences, you eat in groups of your peers. I drank probably twice as much coffee as I normally do. Even when I meet someone for coffee, one on one, I drink more. It’s like I’m more focused on it or something.


Maybe it’s because it makes me feel more comfortable. Like it’s a security blanket or something. Hmmm…


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