“Apple rejection. Goodbye GIF Finder”

I quickly whipped together an update and got it submitted, promising the users it would be fixed in around a weeks time. This update was literally a 2 line fix in the code, so I thought I had nothing to worry about.

Fast forward a week and Apple has binary rejected the update on copyright grounds as you are able to find Disney images (amongst other names) using the app. I use Tumblr’s API and Imgur’s API to retrieve the the GIFs, the same GIFs that are available in the Tumblr app and through the Safari browser.

I have been identified as an Apple fan for years (and rightly so). I have also been accused of being an Apple apologist. If you believe that, let me break that thought process right now. What happened to Matt is utterly ridiculous and Apple should be ashamed that they are treating their customers (yes, not retail customer, but still a valid customer) like this. It’s ok to have a rule, but make sure that rule, and the upholding of that rule, makes sense. Don’t be afraid to make an exception. And don’t hide behind a corporate “because I said so”.

Source: http://blog.mattcheetham.co.uk


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