I’m Still Hungry!

Brian is now 7 years old. And I believe he’s turning into a human garbage disposal. Seriously, this kid is 7 years old, 4′ 2″ tall, skinny as a rail, and can’t stop eating. (I should note here that he is, in fact, my son, so his whole body may be skinny, but his head is quite massive. Just sayin’)

His favorite saying recently is “I’m still hungry”. To everything. Doesn’t matter how much he eats, what time of day it is, nothing.

5 waffles down? No problem. “I’m still hungry, daddy!”

Pancakes, fruit, and cinnamon rolls? Piece of cake. “I’m still hungry! And did someone say cake?”

Snack time in the afternoon, specifically after he gets home from school, is a classic “I’m still hungry” moment. Keep in mind he has already eaten breakfast, a morning snack (which I pack for him everyday), and lunch for the day. By 3 o’clock, though, it’s time for afternoon snack.

If he actually ate cookies (which he doesn’t because most cookies have chocolate in them and he doesn’t like chocolate), he’d be like Cookie Monster (“COOOOOOKIES!”). While I’m on the subject, what kid does not like chocolate? I mean really!?!

Despite all of that, even despite being eaten out of house and home, this is the smile you get from him. And you realize it’s all worth it.



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