Worth It

Parenting is hard. Period.

It’s unbelievably frustrating sometimes. “Why won’t you eat your breakfast Brian?” “Caroline, why the attitude this morning?” “Wow, do you guys need some sleep!” “Can I have some candy, daddy?” “Can I have some candy, daddy?” “Daddy, can I have some candy?”

“No, Brian, no!”

But there are some times where the unexpected happens. Where you are reminded why we (parents) do what we do. And don’t go completely batshit insane. One of those moments happened this morning.

Like most mornings, Brian is difficult to get out of bed (kind of like his mother, I might add). Caroline was stressing about her hair (new “do” with bangs and all that). And I was just trying to survive that hectic 50 minutes between the time they wake up and the time I drop Brian off at school.

I finally got Caroline’s hair somewhat styled (if you can call it that). But Brian came downstairs and started his pout routine because we were out of his favorite cereal and he didn’t want the cereal (which I know he also likes, btw) that was left. So, he drags himself upstairs with the “I’m just not going to eat” mantra. Fine, whatever. They’ve got breakfast at school if he really wants it. So I’m bracing for a fight to get out the door in time for Caroline to catch her bus and me get Brian to his school.

Well, they remarkably got their collective stuff together and hopped in the car at 6:54am. Two minutes to get to the bus stop. We’re good to go. When we got there and the bus was almost there, Caroline leaned up front to give me a kiss. I told her to have a good day and that I loved her and I would get her from the bus stop this afternoon. She got out and started walking toward the bus.

Brian practically leaps in the front seat. He presses the button to roll the window down and sticks his head out the window.

“Carowine!” And no, that’s not a misspelling. That’s how Brian still says Caroline’s name.

She turns her head.

“I love you!” Brian says.

When hearing that, Caroline runs back over and gives Brian a hug and a kiss as he hangs out the passenger side window.

That’s when you know it’s worth it!


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