So, it’s been a while since I’ve really dug into a blog post. I’ve got several that I’ve been marinating on for a bit. One even that a friend of mine asked me to write (I haven’t forgotten about that one, but the way!). Just haven’t had the opportunity to sit down and write them. Sometimes, it even comes down to not writing them as it’s not actually how I’m feeling in real life. It’s organic, really.

Anyway, I’ve realized something about myself in these past weeks. I mean, I’ve always known it. But, it’s come out to shine here recently. I analyze things. A lot. In fact, I analyze them too much. I think. See, I’m going to be questioning that sentence, that statement, for the next hour or so. It’s a sickness really.

It goes like this. Let’s say someone tells me something. How did they say it? Did they say everything they wanted to in that statement? Was there something else to say on the subject? Were they hiding something? What did they really mean to say? Are they trying to spare my feelings for some reason? Is there some hidden meaning? Did I miss that hidden meaning?

See what I mean?

There’s been a lot of thinking on my part recently. A lot of things to mull over. A lot of things to consider. Trying to figure out how to move forward on several fronts.

So, I analyze.

And analyze.

And analyze.

Until it drives me utterly insane. And I’m pretty sure it drives Jayme insane, too. And so I worry about that.

And the cycle continues…


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