Lighten Up

Lighten Up!

Sometimes, even the unsubtle jabs are hard to combat. What do you say to the guy who sits across from you when you dress up and makes a comment to everyone about it? “Oop, Katie’s got the low cut dress on today! I know where I’m sitting!” Say something, and derail the meeting? Go to HR and get stuck with his work when they move or can him? Get transferred off the best team and languish somewhere else? Start wearing sweaters, even though my breasts feel like they’re boiling in there (yup, that’s one reason women like low tops, guys)? Which label do I want to be stuck with today? Ice Queen or Slut?

What is wrong with you? It was one comment! I bet you’d sue him if he complimented your shoes.

Lighten up.

Maybe I’m just naive, but I was taken aback by some of the things Katie mentions here. Even in the jokey, sometimes raucous place that I work, there is a line. And to my knowledge (at least), no one has crossed it. Especially in the blatant manner as described in the excerpt above. If you dare, read some of the comments. They’re (how shall I say) enlightening.

from The Real Katie


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