Machete Order

The Star Wars Saga: Introducing Machete Order

Episode I is a failure on every possible level. The acting, writing, directing, and special effects are all atrocious, and the movie is just plain boring. Luckily, George Lucas has done everyone a favor by making the content of Episode I completely irrelevant to the rest of the series. Seriously, think about it for a minute. Name as many things as you can that happen in Episode I and actually help flesh out the story in any subsequent episode. I can only think of one thing, which I’ll mention later.

You know, I didn’t mind Episode as much as apparently other people do. But, this guy makes a VERY compelling argument for skipping Episode I altogether. Instead of watching the movies in episode order (I-VI) or release order (IV-VI, I-III), he suggests Machete Order. That is, IV, V, II, III, and then VI. Interesting.

It would be really neat if there was a way to un-experience Star Wars and start fresh knowing nothing. What would that be like?


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