Hangout Question

On this week’s MacBreak Weekly, they were discussing Google Hangout. (At least I think that’s what it’s called…might be Google+ Hangouts…I don’t know.) Hangouts is a feature kind of like video-chatting, but you can have multiple people (wait for it) hanging out at the same time. So, group chat, if you will.

Anyway, they were talking about the fact that President Obama used this tool a couple of weeks back as a way to “talk with the people”. Normal people had the chance to ask him a question directly and interact with him from wherever they were. Pretty neat concept, if you ask me.

That got me thinking. If I had the ability (or chance) to ask the President one thing, what would I ask him? I don’t think I would ask him some wonky question about policy or even the political process itself. I really think I would ask him something personal. My question:

“What is your reaction to the people who were so excited (so hopeful) in 2008 that seem disappointed in you now?”

And I really wouldn’t be looking for a soundbite or a political answer. I actually want to know what he (the man) thinks when he hears (of) the disappointment expressed by some who were so fervent just 4 years ago.

Just a thought.


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