Sisterly Love

Caroline woke up this morning in a, how do I put it, “feisty” mood. Everything was met with attitude and aggressiveness. Oh lord, it’s going to be a long day. Then, I got Brian up and dressed and asked him to go brush his teeth. In doing so, they got in to a little spat about something or other, doesn’t really matter, but I was counting down the minutes to getting them to their separate schools, so they could each go on with their respective days.

Wen I left them upstairs to go do something in the car, I walked back in only to hear Brian sobbing. First thought: What has she said (or done) to him that I’m going to have to go resolve? But when I got up there, I opened the door and found her trying to comfort him. See, he was scared that we would leave him in the room alone (they brush their teeth in our bathroom) and not take him to school. But, there she was trying to talk to him and hugging him.

Makes my heart feel good when I see them taking care of each other. Love them!


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