A Blast from the Past

A classic.

From Nathan Rouse’s blog (a good buddy of mine from high school):

The year was 1998. The assignment: a Senior Project for Columbus High School. Meant to encompass 4 years’ worth of Liberal Arts education in one self-motivated endeavor, the Senior Project was viewed as an opportunity for students to learn a skill or trade, meet a former President (or not), or, in my case, make a first film. And it is a first. One day soon I’ll learn how to add a commentary track to this, because if anything deserves it, this does. In the event it’s less than obvious, ‘Shout’ is a direct spoof of late ’90′s era horror franchise ‘Scream’. I think the quality of our little movie here is about as good as those were, except ours excelled in two ways the Hollywood version didn’t: that killer Killer Dance and we had The Boz himself lighting up the screen.

Yours truly plays Ace, the popcorn-popping Shout magnate:

via NathanRouse.com


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