The List

Last night, as I was doing my cardio on the treadmill (LOGOS!!!), I was watching one of the early episodes of “Chuck”. (I’ve got to watch something while I’m on the treadmill, otherwise I might just let it suck me under the machine and grind me up. So mind-numbing!) It’s a geek romantic comedy, so just go with plot, people.

Chuck, Sarah (his CIA handler/cover girlfriend/love interest), and Casey (his NSA handler) are all poisoned with this kind of truth serum. They’ve got only a few hours to find the anecdote before it kills them. They finally find the guy with said anecdote, and save themselves…just in the nick of time! Shocker, right?

Right before taking the anecdote, Chuck asks Sarah if their cover-relationship would/could ever turn into a real relationship. She’s got truth serum in her. Seems like the perfect time to ask her that question. Go for it. Unfortunately for our hero, she says no, Chuck’s heart breaks a little, and everyone goes about their business. (Only later do we find out Sarah has been trained to withstand that particular type of something-thol. Um…what?!)

Anyway, the next day, Chuck goes to Sarah and describes his feelings from the past 12 hours. Here’s where it got thought-provoking for me. He describes that unlike the notion of his life flashing before his eyes when he’s close to death, he instead saw a list. A list of things he hasn’t done in his life, and a list of things he wants to do and accomplish before he dies. And the first thing, from his implication, is to break up their fake relationship so he can experience a real one.

Heart-warming, isn’t it?

As I do, that got me thinking of what would be on my list. It turns out, that’s a really hard list to come up with. Sure, you can list (pretty easily, probably) the places you want to visit before you die. But, what about the simple things? The life things? The experience things? The things that could make your life unique?

This is going to come out of left field, but one thing I want to do at some point: pet a tiger.

Weird, right?

But they are such majestic creatures that can, quite frankly, rip your lungs out if you’re not careful. So, you could do it on your own, but it better be the only thing on your list. Because it could be your last!

So much ferocity in such a soft, seemingly playful package. And the color on these animals. The patterns. Gorgeous.

In all seriousness, my favorite scene of a movie called “Red Dragon” was when (I can’t remember names) the guy takes the blind girl to pet a sleeping tiger (the tiger was under for a medical procedure). It was so serene, so peaceful. To have this giant, fierce animal laying there (in total vulnerability) letting you pet it would be a really cool experience.

More to come…


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