Job Creators

First of all, can we all agree to be done with this GOP primary thing already? Please?! Come on, guys, it’s getting old and stupid now. For real.

Also, don’t let me forget to go off on my rant about how Fox News invades EVERY FUCKING RESTAURANT AROUND. Let me be clear here. I’m not referring to restaurants with any sort of stature. No stars here, people. I’m talking about the suburban “restaurants”. Chili’s. Moe’s. Firehouse Subs. You know, the chain gang. In EVERY one of them, I have to put up with the stupidity that is Fox News.

Anyway, just remind me of this topic for an extended rant at a date to be named later.

Back to my point (not that I have even started it yet, but hey)…

On Sunday, we went to the Varsity for our last crap meal before starting this training and exercise thing. (“Happy trails to you…until we meet again…”) And obviously, this being a “restaurant” with televisions in it, it had to have one (if not a couple) of them tuned to Fox News. And the Varsity ratchets it up a notch by not even needing to be close to the actual set to hear it. They pipe it through the overhead sound system, so you can hear it from 150 yards away. Balls.

On whatever show they were on at the time (thankfully, for my eyes, I was seated with my back to the set itself), the topic of Obama’s recent State of the Union speech came up. Granted, I have not watched the entire speech myself as we don’t have cable here at the house. Therefore, in order to watch it, I have to sit down and make time to do so. As so often occurs, this just hasn’t happened yet. Anyway, somehow they broke off on one of their favorite tangents, the Obama tax plan to “raise taxes on the rich”. Okay, I don’t necessarily agree with the viewpoints these people have, but let them have it. That’s fine.

But, they brought up (again) this argument of the plan hurting job creators. Because job creators are supposed to…wait for it…that’s right ladies and germs, create jobs.

And how can job creators create new jobs (that the country desperately needs, mind you) when we raise their taxes? We’re punishing success at that point, right? If we could only do the opposite of what Obama is positing and lower taxes for businesses and the wealthy. That’s the ticket. Because then, they would have the money (that they’ve saved on taxes) to spend on hiring new people. When they hire new people, jobs are created. And when jobs are created, the unemployment rate goes down. And every time unemployment goes down, an angel gets its wings.

I think I have all that right.


My problem with this notion is that I just don’t believe it. Right up front, let me say that I have never been an employer and have never been privy to the types of meetings where this kind of thing would have been hypothetically discussed. So, I am not speaking for anybody that I know, or don’t know for that matter. It is simply my personal opinion that this argument has no basis in reality.

Naive? Maybe. But let me explain it from the viewpoint of a little:

Companies don’t hire people because they have extra cash laying around. I mean, let’s face it, if that were true, every single unemployed person would be working for Apple right now. They’ve got $100 billion just sitting in the bank right now. You think they’re itching to hire anyone right now? No, of course they’re not. You know why? Because they don’t need anyone right now. And if and when they do, guess what, they’ll go hire them. Companies hire people, or create jobs, when they need them.

My job is the perfect example. My job didn’t exist at our company until they hired me. The application development and management was handled by a 3rd party and it took some serious discussion to convince the higher-ups that someone was needed in-house. Did they hire me because they got a tax break?


Employees are expensive. I’ve since learned how and why employees are so expensive. For those that don’t know, you cost way more than just the salary implies. So, back to my position at the company. Would my position have been any more appealing if the company had received a tax break just because they were a business? I honestly believe the answer to that is no. That same argument would have been debated. In the same way. By the same people. Probably with the same outcome. But NOT because of the tax break.

Because in the end, it comes down to spending money. No matter how rich or poor you are, it’s hard to spend money. It’s hard for businesses to pull that trigger and commit to spending a good bit of money annually for someone to join their organization. Unless they need to. When that need arises, priorities change. And the company has to make the best business decision it can and go with that. Hell, sometimes that means not hiring someone because the company just can’t justify the expenditure.

All I’m saying is that we need to stop this constant echo of “job creators” being overtly hurt by these tax plans. No one wants to pay more money for taxes, I get that. And the pros and cons over raising the taxes can be debated elsewhere. But please stop with this whiny bullshit about how “job creators” should have their taxes lowered.

As with the GOP primary races, it’s getting old.


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