Walk (Inside) the Line

No, this is not a sequel to the Johnny Cash song.

We were at the Y this evening after a much-needed weekend off. Jayme and I are starting this training regimen called “Lee Labrada’s 12-Week Lean Body Daily Trainer.” It’s brutal, to say the least. Anyway, after this first session, we finished the hour with some cardio on the treadmill. The Y has treadmills (and other equipment, I’m assuming) by LifeFitness. On the tread part of the treadmill, there is a LifeFitness logo on each side of the conveyer. Specifically, the outer edge of the tread on each side. The weird part is they are staggered, so one doesn’t exactly line up with the other.

And here’s where my OCD kicks in a bit. Does anybody else feel the compulsion to never step on those logos? To stay between the two? Of course, to challenge me, they added the whole staggering thing. Is that just something that bothers me?

Ok, so maybe that is just me.


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