In the Sticks

It was brought to my attention today that I live in the sticks. That’s right. Apparently, Jayme and I do not (in fact) live in the city of Kennesaw. We live about 150 feet outside of the Kennesaw city limits. We live in Unincorporated Kennesaw, as a matter of fact. You know those signs that you drive by in the middle of the hills in Tennessee and laugh about the people who might live there? Yeah, that’s us.


We were made aware of this little tidbit this morning when Jayme went to go vote. Because we do not live inside the city limits of Kennesaw, we are not allowed to vote in today’s elections. Not a big deal normally, but we wanted to vote on the easing of the “blue laws” in Kennesaw. (Don’t even get me started on the stupidity of those things, by the way!)



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