I think my heart may have just stopped a bit…

The bus was late this morning and it was drizzling outside. So, Care and Brian were in the car with me waiting. When it finally showed up, it stopped at an unusual place, swung out the safety bar thing, and opened the door. I figured because it was so late and it had stopped fully, it was going to stay stopped and let the kids on there. Seemed logical at the time. Care hopped out of the car and went to cross to where the other kids were.

For some reason, right as Caroline was in the middle of the street, the bus starts to go again.

And time slowed down to Zapruder film territory.

Fortunately, the driver saw her and didn’t make it more than a few inches. In that respect, the safety bar worked perfectly, as intended. Unfortunately, Caroline did the exact wrong thing. She stopped in the middle when she realized what the bus was doing. Yes, exactly like the proverbial deer.

As I write this, I’m still shaking.


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