This Is Why

Now that Caroline rides the bus to school, we have a weekday morning ritual (except for Tuesdays, when Jayme is at the Y) whereby Jayme walks both kids to the bus stop. A couple of minutes later, I drive down and pick Brian up and take him to school. I think he likes it because I’m his bus that he’s waiting on. We say goodbye to Caroline and mommy and head on our way to his school.

He’s been doing this recently, but this morning really touched me. As we were saying bye to Care and mommy, he rolled down his window and asked Caroline to come here. When he saw that she was walking over, he said “I love you, Caroline”. It’s easy to make it sound normal when you’re reading it, but you have to imagine him saying it in his 4-year old, saying-r-instead-of-the-l-in-her-name, booming voice. It was unbelievably cute. He just said it. No apologies. No equivocations. No hesitancy because he was around others.

It made me smile, both outside and especially inside. This is why you have kids.


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