San Francisco: Day 2 (WWDC: Day 1)

Well, the day didn’t start out too well. Having walked MUCH more than I normally do the day before, my legs were aching before I went to bed last night. And, at about 3:45am, I paid for it. A serious muscle spasm hit my right leg, and to be honest, it hasn’t been the same since. So, after laying there trying to get back to sleep, I gave up at 4:15am (which just happens to be 7:15 eastern, which is normally when my kids get me up on the weekend) and got up and got ready. This being the day of the Stevenote, I readied my Daring Fireball T-shirt and put on badge and was on my way. Figuring we were going to be standing for a while, I stopped at a local bakery and picked up some donut holes and a hot chocolate for the line.

I arrived at Moscone at roughly 5:35am. Walking around the corner, I saw the line. Well, excuse me, let me rephrase. I saw the line, but I couldn’t see the end of the line. Uh oh. I started walking toward what I thought had to be the end of the line. When i got to the corner of the building, I discovered it was wrapped all the way around to the next corner. Holy crap. Turns out, I finally got in line about 5:45am right at the entrance to the Intercontinetal Hotel, and could actualy see the front of the line. I just had to travel all the way around Moscone first before I could get there. This could get ugly.

Our Starting Point

Our Starting Point

Settling in line, I struck up a conversation with a guy from Germany who was attending his 3rd WWDC. He works with one other partner and they take on clients to build iOS apps (for both enterprise and the public App Store). That seems to be a trend here…hmmm. Anyways, we shot the shit, had a laugh about how far back we were, and he filled me on what to expect from the morning. A little later, his friends hopped in line with us from the Intercontinental and we proceeded to move up once every 20 minutes or so. They all seemed to be from Germany (even though one was currently living in Florida), so I had to get my German accent to English ears on. Great guys, though!

In the course of everyone (there were 5 of us in our little group) telling about who they were and all that, one guy mentioned he worked for RemObjects Software. That probably doesn’t mean anything to most of you (or any of you, for that matter), but they are a leading development company for frameworks concerning iOS and Mac development. They are sponsors on several of the podcasts that I listen to, and I just happen to be listening to and episode of iDeveloper Live this past weekend, in which they featured one of the guys from RemObjects talking about a development topic that I’ll save you from hearing about now. I mentioned this fact to Marc (the RemObjects’ guy’s name) and he looked at me and said, “Yeah, that was me.” Another moment of, “Wow, I’m actually among these people!” Another surreal moment.

Mass of Developer Humanity

Mass of Developer Humanity

A LOT of waiting and small talking later, we finally made it inside Moscone Center about 8:45am. We were ushered like cows to a slaughter up to the 3rd floor, where were stopped again and made to wait just a little longer. Given the size of Moscone (and it is BIG), we all filled in the gaps like water seeping to the edge. If you looked around as far as you could see, as I did, you could not even see the floor, there were so many people. Finally, about 9:35am, they ushered us into this massive room and we sat down. We were pretty far from the stage, actually, which did not make me happy. So, I told my newly-made friends that I was sorry, but I was going to try to find a closer seat, as I was only one person and could fill a one-off empty seat much easier. So glad I did! I mean, this is a Stevenote! This is one of (if not) the highlight of the conference for me, personally. I settled in to a seat about 25 rows from the stage, right in the middle. It was preety sweet!

Anyway, some guy got up on stage and talked about some software and stuff.

Wait, what? Don’t worry, I laid out my thoughts on the keynote here. Check it out.

Once the keynote was over, I headed back to the hotel, as I had to pick up my bag for the rest of the day. I hadn’t brought it in the morning because I didn’t want to carry it around for 6 hours, and I’m glad I didn’t. Before heading back, I stopped to get some lunch and check the Twitter feed to see what everyone was saying about the keynote and all that. Nice to have some breathing room, actually.

The afternoon went off with some very cool surprises for us developers (of which I can’t talk about as it’s under NDA). Needless to say, if you are/were a geek about development, it would excite you. We’ll leave it at that. After those two sessions were done, I went downstairs to the labs to find an Apple engineer to help me with a problem I’ve been having with the app I built at work. As bugs go, it’s been a difficult one as it seems to come at random times. (That’s not what a girl wants to hear! ) Those are the worst kind, though. Not being able to reproduce it, especially on a simulator, he showed me some new (at least new to me) ways of hunting these things down. It was so new to me that one of the methods actually brought out into the open some bugs I didn’t even know about. So, kudos to that guy as he has already helped me!

Inside The Slanted Door

Inside The Slanted Door

Finished for the day, I walked back to the hotel. On the way, I had texted David to see what restaurants he would recommend I not miss while I’m here. Among others, he recommeded a place called The Slanted Door. It was near the spot I had walked to the afternoon before, but I decided to take BART there. It would be quicker and it would be much easier on my legs. Once I got there, though, most of the shops and places in the Ferry Building had closed and I was worried I had missed my chance. Fortunately, I asked someone and he pointed it out for me (Google Maps fail on that one!).

A semi-high-end place, The Slanted Door specializes in seafood. Being on the bay, you can see why. As David had told me, reservations are hard to come by, but I was solo so I simply waited for a place at the bar. I actually had to stalk a place as it was relatively busy. Sat down, ordered a glass of wine, and finally relaxed a little. I ordered the Stir Fried Organic Chicken (w/ raisins, cashews, and walnuts), Jasmine Rice, and fresh veggies. I still can’t get to seafood yet. Maybe one day, just not now.

The food was excellent, the wine not so much, so I asked the bartender to choose a beer. Something light, definitely not a dark one (still don’t like Guiness by the way!). He brought me a Saison Dupont, a Belgian farmhouse ale, at least that’s what the bottle said. It was pretty good, although I’m sure my Guiness-drinking friends would call me a girl. Oh well. As I said, the food was really good. I was unsure about the raisins and nuts with the chicken, but the raisins added a sweet taste, while the cashews added a certain texture to it. The overall taste was really nice. Didn’t like the walnuts, though. Too hard and seemed out of place for the taste they were going for (or at least the taste I was going for).

The Bay Bridge at Twilight

The Bay Bridge at Twilight

After finishing the dinner, I walked outside and sat on the deck that overlooked the bay and the Bay Bridge right at twilght. Awesome view! I essentially just sat down and rested for about 10 minutes (having a light buzz from the wine and beer), enjoying the atmosphere. It was nice. I got up and walked back toward the BART station, fully planning on taking it back to the hotel. However, since I had eaten so much, I was feeling REALLY full. I ended up walking back the whole way, stopping at Walgreen’s to pick up some water (the frickin’ water in the hotel is $4.50 +tax. AYFKM?!) The 6-pack of water was about $4.25.

Feeling very old, I got back to my hotel room and crashed VERY hard. From door to actually being asleep, it was about 10 minutes. Whew!

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